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Increase engagement and performance with interactive video

and AI-powered insights.

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With onQ, achieve 254% greater social connection for learners in your video content.

Greater social connection leads to accelerated motivation, deeper engagement, increased retention, enriched experience, and better results.

Source: 2018 University of South Florida research study on social presence in online learning, performed on behalf of onQ

Collaborative Experience

With onQ, communication and development become more engaging and effective through an "interactive layer" that allows people to experience asynchronous, facilitated content 24/7...together.

onQ collaborative experience
onQ embed anywhere
Embed Anywhere

Easily embed onQ into any existing environment to turn 1-way video learning, or other multimedia, into a dynamic collaborative experience, that combines the best of face-to-face and digital in a single solution.

Actionable Data

Meaningful in-the-moment behavioral insights - powered by proprietary algorithms and machine learning - facilitate improvements to content, learning, retention and other measurable outcomes.

onQ Actionable Data

onQ for Compliance and Communication

onQ’s interactive layer of technology turns every compliance training or message from the CEO into a 2-way experience, giving employees a voice.

Business colleagues talking in a meeting room

onQ for Learning and Development

onQ enables you to engage and develop your employees in an interactive group experience for learning, development, and growth...together.

onQ on tablet

With onQ, we are able to track engagement, sentiment and feedback in real time, connecting the dots between senior leaders and the front line.

onQ on mobile