onQ for Higher Education

onQ for Higher Education will allow institutions to engage learners through collaborative content, increase enrollment through interactive recruitment videos, and conversationalize campus announcements with student, faculty, alumni, and prospect discussions.

onQ Overview

The onQ solution for Higher Education brings video to life, turning traditional static viewing into an energized, interactive group experience, supported by deep behavioral insights that facilitate dramatic improvements to content, communications, learning… and measurable outcomes. View the video to see an overview of the onQ solution.

Engage Learners

In an age of constant change, students need continuous, ongoing learning that fits with their lifestyle. With onQ, you combine the best of traditional (ILT) and digital learning into an authentic, engaging experience that results in:

  • • Higher engagement
  • • Lower cost of learning
  • • Stronger retention
  • • Insightful feedback
  • • Improved outcomes
  • • Transforming knowledge
Increase Enrollment

Recruitment is always a top priority in higher education institutions, but how do you deliver your message to an audience that expects interaction? Enter onQ. onQ can transform your message into an interactive experience for today's prospect. Through interactive video and media you can expect to:

  • • Engage your audience
  • • Strengthen relationships
  • • Promote innovation
  • • Communicate with prospects
  • • Promote interactions
  • • Receive insightful feedback
Share News

Higher Education institutions look for creative ways to communicate with students, faculty, alumni, fans, and prospects. onQ can help promote the new endowment received, or get fans of your athletic teams ready for the big game. There may be an important announcement to get out to students, or the dean needs to align a message with the faculty. With onQ campus communications can result in:

  • • Increased engagement
  • • Message consistency
  • • Improved productivity
  • • Encouraging conversation
  • • Facilitating teamwork
  • • Driving culture

onQ Embedded Video Player

Before onQ

Videos on your website are a great way to engage your audience. But how do you know how they feel about what they are watching? Do they understand the message you are trying to relay? What if they wanted to talk to other audience members about what they are watching? 

Culinary no embedded player Embedded video player

With onQ

WIth onQ, students, faculty, prospects, alumni, and fans can interact with your video through comments, discussion questions, and emotions directly on your website. Facilitators can monitor conversations and respond to questions. Data analytics provide you with insight into when and how people are responding to your video.

onQ & Moodlerooms

The onQ video activity within Moodlerooms provides facilitators the capability to conversationalize videos. Learners can interact with facilitators and peers, ask questions, and learn in a more engaging environment. Facilitators can post responses and answer questions directly within the video, as well as read and monitor learner conversations.

Moodle _onQ