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Unleash the value
of every employee.

Are participants watching your video
Are participants engaged
Do participants really understand

Now you will with a platform that engages, educates, develops, and evaluates while capturing employees’ in-the-moment feedback, interactions, and sentiment.



ENGAGE in the conversation by showing what you think & feel with emojis, questions, comments.

REFLECT through pre-seeded discussion points for deeper learning, practice & peer feedback.

SHARE the experience with friends & colleagues – on any device, on-demand anytime.

Stephen at CLOx Dallas

“It has been a pleasure connecting with you, and I hope you felt my passion for enabling an always-on learning environment that develops the right hard and soft skills which drive continuous behavior change. My StandingOut\W3 program delivers on those interpersonal PowerSkills, using the onQ platform.

After scouring the market for a platform that best replicates ILT user and facilitator experiences, we chose onQ as our on-demand online delivery and engagement platform. There are several platforms that offer practicing, which onQ does too; however, only onQ enables users to contribute their in-the-moment questions, feedback and sentiment during the learning and development experience.”

–  Stephen Krempl, Founder & CEO, StandingOut\W3

OnQ – Steve Benfield, COO & President

“I enjoyed meeting many of you and appreciated your interest in how we’re transforming employee communication and learning – through improved user engagement combined with insights from in-the-moment feedback, interactions, and sentiment. I welcome you to learn more about our company and platform, and how onQ could benefit your organization using any type of content.”

–  Steve Benfield, President & COO, onQ

With onQ any existing content becomes an engaging, interactive experience

onQ combines the best of in-person and digital learning in a single solution.

Your audience has a voice. Are you listening?


Now you can with onQ


Employees interact openly with content and each other, asking, commenting, collaborating, and connecting.


Pre-seed engagement points in content for discussion, deeper learning, quick polls, and formative quizzes.


Turn invisible to visible. Get insights on how & why users or groups engage; plus their thinking, feedback & sentiment.


Employees can easily practice what they learn, self-reflect, share with peers, prove mastery, and gain valuable feedback.


See where content is working, or not, in-the-moment & adjust on the fly to improve learner engagement & experience.


Use onQ on-demand with any content on any device, anytime. Open API for seamless integration & tying to outcomes.

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