LOS ANGELES & ATLANTA, February 6, 2017— Fulcrum Labs, a leader in adaptive learning technology, and onQ™, a revolutionary platform that transforms how organizations and consumers communicate and learn around digital content, today announced a partnership that will significantly enhance learner engagement and instructor insights within Fulcrum’s learning platform.

The partnership offers Fulcrum clients another way to evaluate and improve their video training content and learner experience. Through onQ’s patented video conversation engine, learners can engage with their peers and start conversations around key points within the video. Additionally, onQ’s rich analytics provide instructors with in-the-moment learner engagement feedback and sentiment data, that can be used to coach learners and fine-tune content.

onQ’s robust capabilities will provide greater flexibility and choice for Fulcrum’s customers. As part of its standard offering, Fulcrum’s learning platform collects hundreds of data points for each learner within each course, and leverages machine-learning algorithms to formulate predictions about future behavior and knowledge application. Fulcrum also leverages learner data to help clients improve content efficacy.

“We designed our analytics dashboards to make it easy for our partners to access their learning data, interpret it and act upon it,” said Patrick Weir, CEO of Fulcrum Labs. “onQ takes a very similar approach, and we’re looking forward to sharing their cutting-edge video analytics with our clients.”

“Fulcrum Labs is highly regarded for their predictive, intuitive approach to learning analytics,” said Jim Marshall, CEO, onQ. “We look forward to enriching the experience for both instructors and learners to improve outcomes, whenever and wherever that learning takes place.”

About Fulcrum Labs:

Fulcrum Labs turns employees into learners and learners into confident subject matter masters through its personalized, adaptive learning and predictive analytics (PALPA™) SaaS platform. This advanced learning platform leverages AI and machine learning to replicate and scale many of the benefits of a dedicated, one-on-one tutor. Learners master content at their own pace and build their confidence, through a tailored, unique learning experience. Fulcrum’s customers have seen tremendous results in markets including commercial aviation, healthcare, manufacturing, certification prep and higher education. For more information on Fulcrum Labs, please visit the-fulcrum.com.

About onQ:

onQ is revolutionizing digital communications and learning, transforming static video and other presentation media into immersive, interactive group experiences and engaged conversations around content that matters. The onQ platform has set a new standard for “listening organizations” by delivering actionable behavioral insights that facilitate dramatic improvements to content, communications, learning, and measurable outcomes. onQ is privately funded and based in Atlanta, GA, with an international office in Zurich, Switzerland. To learn more about onQ visit engageonQ.com.


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