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Engage with HonorTM

An Online Collaborative Training Course to Build

Courageous Accountability

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57% of employees feel their leaders are detached from the workforce

Rapt Media, U.S. Employees: Detached, Disengaged, and Disenchanted


Companies with engaged employees see a 233% greater customer loyalty

Aberdeen, Employee Engagement: Paving the Way to Happy Customers


“…failures of management and engineering are tactical shortcomings that can be fixed, but failures of leadership’s nerve and character are terminal, catastrophic.”

Vice Admiral James Stockdale


92% of senior executives said that improving their culture would increase their company’s value

Columbia Business School, Why Corporate Culture is Hard


88% of employees are “willing to go the extra mile” when they feel engaged with management

Zenger Folkman, How Developing a Coaching Culture Pays Off


What is the mission of Leading with Honor ?

We help leaders grow in the 3C’s – charactercourage, and commitment and learn new skills based on their unique, natural behavior that will ultimately help them develop the next generation of leaders.

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Character is about integrity, truthfulness, keeping your promises, treating others fairly, and being authentic in day-to-day leadership while avoiding deceit and duplicity.


Courage is essential to everything that leaders do. Without it, fear and doubt take over and you will not be able to sustain your character and consistently engage challenges.


Commitment is about consistently fulfilling your responsibilities, doing your duties, and following through on your assignments and agreements.

Our Services

In addition to the Engage with Honor online course, we have more than 25 years experience in the research, development, and deployment of leadership development resources including behavioral assessments.

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From his early experiences as an Air Force jet fighter pilot and POW in the prison camps of Vietnam to an award-winning author, presenter, and leadership coach, Lee Ellis created this course to train teams worldwide on how they can apply a positive, proven accountability model to get better results.

Engage with Honor will show you how to increase your success & elevate the performance of your team by presenting:

• The connection between positive accountability and honorable behavior. • Gripping personal leadership experiences from the Vietnam POW camps. • A proven model for creating a positive accountability culture. • Practical, step-by-step instructions to help leaders create industry-leading performance and morale.

*CEU credits available

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Engage with Honor

Engaged Social Learning with onQTM

onQ is an interactive layer around any video, or other content, that invites learners into a dynamic, collaborative group learning experience...all delivered seamlessly within your existing systems.

onQ-enabled content allows participants to:

    • •  Connect, contribute and learn as a community – feeling empowered to have their voices heard

    • •  Share in-the-moment contextual comments, feedback, questions & sentiment

    • •  Develop a stronger sense of connection with the instructor or facilitator, content and each other


With onQ, achieve 254% greater social connection for learners in your video content.

Greater social connection leads to accelerated motivation, deeper engagement, increased retention, enriched experience, and better results.

Source: 2018 University of South Florida research study on social presence in online learning, performed on behalf of onQ



CONNECT in the conversation by showing what you think & feel with emojis, questions, comments.

REFLECT through pre-seeded discussion points for deeper learning, practice & peer feedback.

SHARE the experience with friends & colleagues – on any device, on-demand anytime.

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Your learners have a voice. Are you listening?


Now you can with onQ


Employees interact openly with content and each other, asking, commenting, collaborating, and connecting.


Pre-seed engagement points in content for discussion, deeper learning, quick polls, and formative quizzes.


Turn invisible to visible. Get insights on how & why users or groups engage; plus their thinking, feedback & sentiment.


Employees can easily practice what they learn, self-reflect, share with peers, prove mastery, and gain valuable feedback.


See where content is working, or not, in-the-moment & adjust on the fly to improve learner engagement & experience.


Use onQ on-demand with any content on any device, anytime. Open API for seamless integration & tying to outcomes.

Go beyond normal insights - WAY beyond

Scoring models for engagement, facilitation, influence & sentiment

• Analytics vested in research-based science linked to learning

• Insights that guide you to better instruction, content & outcomes

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