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Finally, the end to online boring

The onQ solution brings video to life, turning traditional static viewing into an energized, interactive group experience, supported by deep behavioral insights that facilitate dramatic improvements to content, communications, learning… and measurable outcomes.


Achieve 254% greater social connection for learners in your video content.

Greater social connection leads to accelerated motivation, deeper engagement, increased retention, enriched experience, and better results.

Source: 2018 University of South Florida research study on social presence in online learning, performed on behalf of onQ

Best of in-person and eLearning - at scale

With onQ, existing static video turns into engaged conversations that deliver:

  • • What content works and what doesn't
  • • In-the-moment feedback, questions, sentiment, and more
  • • How, why and when learners engage
  • • Video-based practice and collaborative peer feedback

Interact with the video below to
experience onQ for yourself

CONNECT in the conversation by showing what you think & feel with emojis, questions, comments.

REFLECT through pre-seeded discussion points for deeper learning, practice & peer feedback.

SHARE the experience with friends & colleagues – on any device, on-demand anytime.

Making Online Videos Interactive: Insights into Social Presence, Engagement & Content Analytics

The University of South Florida, in partnership with onQ, presented their findings on their research on social connection during Blackboard World 2018.

During the presentation they revealed insights including:

  • • Importance of “social presence” – What facilitates the feeling of in-the-moment connection with others
  • • Why “social presence” is critical for user cognitive and emotional engagement
  • • Initial insights into how introverts react and engage on par with extroverts, given the right environment
  • New behavioral and content analytics from highly granular user engagement data
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onQ Integration

Moodlerooms and Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Moodlerooms

The onQ video activity within Moodlerooms provides facilitators the capability to conversationalize videos.

Learners can interact with facilitators and peers, ask questions, and learn in a more engaging environment.

Facilitators can post responses and answer questions directly within the video, as well as read and monitor learner conversations.

onQ augments and enriches Moodlerooms’ X-Ray Learning Analytics, supporting future trend predictions, while reinforcing Blackboard’s philosophy of creating engaging and interactive courses to attract and motivate students.

Blackboard Learn

The onQ video activity within Blackboard Learn allows instructors to show students their own engagement in course activities.

onQ’s admin reports show aggregate data for administrators and department heads on courses and programs as a whole.

Facilitators can import content easily from another course.

onQ is easy for educators to foster anywhere, anytime social learning that builds connections among students via discussions, all while supporting Blackboard Learn’s mobile functionality.

Blackboard Moodlerooms onQ Content

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