Existing Content + Interactive = onQTM


Your audience has a voice. Are you listening?


Meaningful, actionable insights to drive strategy.


Turn your existing content into engaged conversations


onQTM for Aviation

The onQTM solution brings video to life, turning traditional static viewing into energized, interactive group experiences, supported by deep behavioral insights that facilitate dramatic improvements to content, communications, learning… and measurable outcomes.

onQ – Collaborate


The onQ video experience drives authentic engagement between content, participants and facilitators…giving your audience a voice where everyone is motivated to contribute, share, connect, learn and grow together.

onQ – Connect


Group engagement provides a vehicle for real interactions that bloom into great ideas, valuable feedback, stronger relationships and higher learning that inspire and connect people wherever they are.

onQ – Evaluate


Get meaningful, actionable insights into how your users and groups are engaging with your content and each other – at the exact moment & across the full experience – plus their thinking, feedback and sentiment.

onQ interactive video dashboard

Going beyond the normal insights – WAY beyond

With onQ, you gain much deeper & more actionable insights than you ever thought possible

  • Scoring models for engagement, interactions, influence & sentiment
  • Analytics based on peer-reviewed science that’s linked to learning
  • Insights that guide you to better facilitation, content & outcomes
  • Validation via research partnership with University of South Florida

For the CEO onQ provides an enterprise-wide fabric for more effective communications, while facilitating top-down and bottom-up alignment & integration

Incremental sustainable revenue opportunities

Productivity improvements & alignment internally and through channels

Strong, positive culture transformation

For the COO onQ delivers operational excellence, improving enterprise-wide communications and learning

Productivity improvements & alignment internally and through channels

Better communications and learning – faster, smarter, more efficient & effective

Content delivered in visual and mobile manner that resonates with today’s audiences

For the CFO onQ enhances controls and supports P&L improvements

Policy & process adherence and risk mitigation

Productivity improvements & alignment internally and through channels

Cost savings, margin improvements and incremental top-line opportunities

For the CMO onQ enables deep audience insights to drive stronger relationships and greater share of mind and wallet

Data- and insight-driven strategy

Incremental and sustainable revenue opportunities

Stronger potential for increased share of mind and wallet

Enhanced overall brand perception and audience trust

For the CSOonQ creates a better listening culture, helping sales organizations to drive incremental revenue, reduce costs and strengthen customer relationships

Productivity improvements & alignment internally and through channels

Improved strategy and stronger communication & relationships through better understanding

Heightened sales effectiveness

For the CLO onQ provides a superior video-based learning experience, more engaging and conversational than traditional eLearning, revealing deeper insights, and with better outcomes

Better productivity from onboarding to training to leadership development

Deeper, more effective learning & training

Improved orchestration of relevant career pathing and new leader identification

Strong, positive culture transformation

For the CDO onQ facilitates digital leadership across strategy, experience, data and insights

Improved experience for internal & external audiences

Content delivered in visual / mobile manner that resonates with today’s audiences

Millennials gain strong sense of conversation ownership, transparency and empowerment

Data- and insight-driven strategy

For the CIO/CTOonQ supports technology innovation, increasing operational productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness

Productivity improvements & alignment internally and through channels

Improved communications – faster, smarter

Efficient, effective leverage of existing assets

API-driven enables scalable new value-added service


What if you had a single solution that could improve productivity, drive new strategy, and generate incremental revenue...

...now you can with onQTM


    • Communications & feedback
    • Organizational listening
    • Learning & development
    • Training & coaching
    • Video library enablement
    • Mobile communications
    • Social learning
    • Employee safety issues
    • Collaboration & ideation
    • Audience development
    • Small & large groups
    • Internal, extended, public …. and much more


  • Grow incremental revenue
  • Reduce costs
  • Mitigate risk
  • Build & reinforce culture
  • Improve productivity
  • Deepen engagement
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Facilitate teamwork
  • Adopt best practices
  • Deliver transparency
  • Democratize knowledge
  • Promote innovation
  • Apply insight-driven strategy

Hear Jim Marshall, CEO, speak about…

onQ Interactive Video Experience

 53 sec

onQ Engagement & Insights

100 sec

onQ Real-Time Behavioral Data

62 sec

If you are in the aviation industry and want to turn your video into engaged conversations for training, safety, sales, communications, and more … then you need to experience onQ empowerment.

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